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The Inter-American Program and the State of Hidalgo, Mexico launch the “Peace Leaders Program"click here

In partnership with the Secretariat of Public Education of the State of Hidalgo, México, the Inter-American Program is developing the “Peace Leaders” Program, whose objective is to strengthen the civic skills of secondary (middle and high school) students and promote opportunities to put these skills into practice within the school and community.

On November 7 and 8, more than 70 teachers from General Secondary, Technical and Tele-Secondary schools, as well as schools belonging to the State’s High School and Professional Technical Education systems (COBAEH, CECYTEH, CONALEP and High School of the State of Hidalgo), participated in the first program activity, which consisted of a workshop for teachers in the City of Pachuca, State of Hidalgo, Mexico. The specific objective of this workshop was to provide participants with tools to develop and implement teaching strategies and methodologies that help to prepare students to develop and lead local projects, primarily those related to the construction of a culture of peace and other issues identified as priorities in the public policy agenda related to youth.

To learn more about this program please click here. We invite you to follow all program activities at:


OAS Youth Conference 2012: “Youth in Action for Democracy and Entrepreneurship”

The OAS Interdepartmental Working Group on Youth and the Office of the Assistant Secretary General are organizing Youth in Action for Democracy and Entrepreneurship. This conference will comprise 3 activities: a Virtual Forum, a Conference and an Expo.

The Virtual Forum on Democracy and Entrepreneurship is targeted primarily at young people and organizations interested in exchanging experiences and discussing youth issues. The forum will be open from November 12 to December 15, 2012, via the Website http://svc.summit-americas.org. The Inter-American Program is leading the team that is moderating the Youth and Democracy Virtual Forum. We invite you to register and participate in this forum by clicking on the following link: Virtual Youth and Democracy Forum

A conference and an exhibit of experiences will be held on the December 4, 2012, in the Hall of the Americas of OAS Headquarters, in Washington, D.C.  Young people, as well as institutions and organizations that work with and for youth in the Americas are expected to participate in both events. The participants will engage in high-level debates with young leaders and participate in drafting key recommendations to the OAS regarding issues of priority to youth. Such recommendations will be presented to OAS Member-State Ambassadors and to the Secretary General, Mr. José Miguel Insulza, during a special session of the Permanent Council on December 5.

To learn more about these events, please click in the following links:

Live Conversations: “Educating citizens for social participation”

As part of the initiative “Educating citizens for social participation: pedagogical proposals to teach the values of integrity, transparency and legality among young people”, the Organization of American States –through its Office of Education and Culture and the Educational Portal of the Americas- and the Institutional Capacity of the State Division of the Inter-American Development Bank, held a series of live conversations on the following topics: “Citizenship Participation as a Mechanism to Prevent Corruption” with the participation of Dr. Delia Ferreira Rubio; "Public Ethics" with Mr. Alfredo Esparza; and "Corruption Prevention and Legality" with specialist Nicolas Dassen.

This initiative aims to develop an online course to increase secondary school teachers’ skills in teaching the values of integrity, transparency and respect for legality, as important tools to prevent corruption.

To access each of the live conversations, please click on the following links (available only in Spanish):

For further information on this series of live conversations, please click here.

"Building Democratic Classrooms": Virtual Discussion Group and online seminars

What can we do to make our classrooms more democratic? How can we strengthen students’ social integration? How can we promote respect, recognition and appreciation of diversity in our schools? How can we provide open spaces to encourage greater participation of our students in their learning processes? In collaboration with the Inter-American Teacher Education - ITEN, coordinated by the Office of Education and Culture of the OAS, the Inter-American Program created a virtual interest group named "Building Democratic Classrooms".

The objective of this group is to promote dialogue and exchange of experiences among educators on how to strengthen students’ skills at all levels to practice democratic values ​​and principles in formal education settings. A series of related online seminars on the theme "Building Democratic Classrooms" is currently taking place. Specialists from different areas of citizenship education will share knowledge and experiences with participants.

The first seminar was on: “The Gender Approach: Concepts, History, Implications for Children’s Lives” by Marisa Weinstein, a Chilean anthropologist. The second seminar was on “Evaluation of Citizenship Education Public Policies" with the Colombian psychologist José Fernando Mejia. On December 7, the last seminar will be held, on “Human Rights Education”, with the participation of the expert Ana Maria Rodino of Argentina.  Access to all seminars is free. For further information please click here.

To participate in the virtual group, please click here. 

Participate in the survey: “Student Governments and Democratic Practices in School”

The answers will be analyzed and systematized to be included in the publication of the Program’s next online bulletin on the participation of children and youth in educational institutions. You may access the survey through the link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MDXJ7TJ.

Your participation is much appreciated!


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