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  January 2013

How do you promote Education for a Democratic Citizenship?

Sharing experiences and ideas is key to promote dialogue, collaboration and integration among people and institutions from the Americas that work to improve the quality of education for a democratic citizenship. Following this objective, the Inter-American Program created this new section in order to disseminate the efforts that are currently being made in the field at a local, national and regional level.

To share your experiences and ideas, please contact us at education@oas.org. You may also share your information through our social media:



The first publication, The Contribution of Human Rights Education to building peaceful coexistence in schools based on democracy and solidarity , is the second edition of the “Policy Brief Series: Education and Democracy” which aims to report key findings from research, policy and programs on this topic. You can view and download this publication free of charge by clicking here

The 9th edition Online Bulletin was produced in collaboration with the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights and the Division of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights of the Council of Europe. It presents a general panorama of human rights education, using a variety of approaches and having a rich content, which includes international agreements, international and regional institutions with databases of educational resources, experiences of horizontal cooperation and policies, programs and initiatives within and beyond the Americas, and publications, professional development opportunities and interviews to key experts on the field. This Bulletin is available by clicking here.

Building Peace is a commitment of all, Armando Paz: a youth project for Central-American youth. Prepared by the Office of Education and Culture, this new publication illustrates in a systematic and analytical manner the objectives, activities and results of the project Armando Paz. To access this publication, please click here. (Available only in Spanish)

The Armando Paz Project: Building a Culture of Peace among Central American youth through the arts, media and social dialogue of the OAS was given an award by the Ibero-American Organization for Youth (OIJ) in recognition as one of 20 best practices developed in Latin America in Youth. You can read the publication by clicking here (Available only in Spanish)

Participate in the survey: “Student Governments and Democratic Practices in School”. Answers to the survey will be included in the tenth edition of the online Bulletin of the Inter-American Program on Education for Democratic Values and Practices.You may access the survey by clicking here (only in Spanish).

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The Inter-American Contest “Perspectives on Democracy” has selected its winners!

On September 15, 2012, in celebration of the International Day of Democracy, the Inter-American Program on Education for Democratic Values and Practices of the Office of Education and Culture of the OAS launched The Inter-American Contest: “Perspectives on Democracy”.  The contest aims to learn about current views on democracy, from the perspectives of children and youth, and to discover successful strategies and methods for its teaching. The contest is organized into two categories: One category is for short stories created by children and youth (primary and secondary school students between the ages of 10 and 17 years), and the other one is for lesson plans formulated by primary or secondary classroom teachers who are currently teaching in educational institutions in OAS member states.

We received a total of 409 short stories and 94 lesson plans from 16 countries. Countries with the highest participation were: Ecuador, México, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela. Over 100 educational institutions from preschool, primary and secondary level participated in this initiative.

Through a competitive process, specialists from the Inter-American Program worked alongside a team of professionals from the Office of Education and Culture, selected 10 short stories and 10 lesson plans that will be included in a virtual publication to be launched in the first quarter of 2013.

To know who were the student and teacher winners from the Americas, please click here.

Young Leaders of the Inter-American Program participated in the OAS Youth Conference 2012

Two young leaders who have participated in projects of the Inter-American Program presented their experiences in a discussion panel on Youth and Democracy in the recent OAS Youth Conference 2012, which took place on December 4th and 5th at the OAS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. United States of America.

Ana Cristina Benavente from the Guatemalan Parliament of Children and Adolescents, presented the project “Beto the Rabbit and the Family of the Future”, which uses local communications media to transmit messages that help reduce the rates of domestic violence in their communities. This initiative was one of the winners of The Pacific Challenge Contest, which was organized by the “Armando Paz Project: Building a Culture of Peace among Central American youth through the arts, media and social dialogue”. Mariela Ortiz Suárez from SES Foundation of Argentina, presented her experience of participating in a horizontal cooperation mission with Uramanta Foundation in Bolivia, which aims to strengthen the –“Week for the Rights of Youth” in both countries; this initiative was developed in the framework of the project “Horizontal Cooperation Fund for Technical Assistance Missions in the field of citizenship education”.

Both of these young leaders also participated in other events of the conference that consisted of engaging in high-level debates with other young leaders from different countries of the Americas and drafting key recommendations to the OAS regarding issues of priority to youth. The recommendations were presented to OAS Member-State representatives and to the Secretary General, Mr. José Miguel Insulza, during a special session of the Permanent Council held on December 5. To access the recommendations, please click here.

To learn more about this event and OAS youth activities, visit http://www.oas.org/es/youth/

The Inter-American Program attends Conference of the Council of Europe on “Human Rights and Democracy in Action – Looking Ahead”

The Council of Europe’s Conference “Human Rights and Democracy in Action – Looking Ahead. The impact of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education” was held in Strasbourg, France on November 29th and 30th.  The event was organized by the Council of Europe in collaboration with the European Commission and the European Wergeland Center.

The aim of the conference is to bring together representatives of the States Parties to the European Cultural Convention, education practitioners, youth and civil society representatives and other partners to take stock of the results achieved and to plan future co-operation and strategies for the promotion of EDC/HRE through the implementation of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education.

The coordinator of the Inter-American Program Ms. Romina Kasman presented the activities and achievements of the Program during the Second Plenary Session in a round table discussion about the role of international cooperation in the promotion and development of EDC and HRE.  One of the activities carried out by the Council of Europe in this field is the creation of an International Contact Group on Citizenship and Human Rights Education in2011. The group seeks to promote cooperation among regional and international organizations that develop activities related to EDC and HRE. In 2012, the OAS was invited to join the group, and is represented by the Inter-American Program on Education for Democratic Values and Practices.

 For further information on the International Contact Group visit: http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/education/edc/What/ICC_EN.asp

For more information on the Conference, please click here.